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Monday to Friday 5pm to 7pm

Live Life More Italian, from Monday to Friday
5pm to 7pm (after work drinks & nibbles)

Since the old ages, a variety of cultures used to open their dinner rituals with an aromatic drink which purpose, was to tickle the appetite, hence the name “Aperitivo”, from Latin “To Open”.

But the “Aperitivo Hour” is not only a functional & fun way to start our evenings; It has quickly developed into a place to meet, an opportunity to socialize sipping a delicious cocktail, relieving the stress of a hard working day with your friends or colleagues.

And in Milan, just like at LIVIN’italy, such sociable event, has turned into a trendy phenomenon, where crisps & beer, gave way to an array of complementary Italian nibbles, a truly indulging offering of FREE buffet, delicious Aperitivo cocktails, DJs (Music For Grown Ups, Friday Only), all to be enjoyed in a place where people talk about the daily happenings, laugh and play until late, almost losing track of time… LIVIN’ Life More Italian!!