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Aperitivo Hour

Your weeknight happy hour just got a bit of Italian flair! Complimentary small plates with Prosecco cocktails, delicious wines, craft beers and good times – it’s Aperitivo Hour!

The Concept – What is Aperitivo?

A staple of life and culture throughout Italy – and nowhere more so than in Milan – the Aperitivo capital of the world!

Bars and restaurants offer a pre-dinner drink (or two) with an accompanying and complimentary finger-food buffet to their patrons. Bruschetta, olives, nuts and other delights are shared in a friendly atmosphere ahead of an evening meal. It’s a time to catch up with friends and family – and perfect for impressing whilst keeping it casual as a first date venue!


Where in Italy?

We all know the feeling of our friends coming home from holiday and boasting about the amazing sights they saw and experiences they had. Usually, when someone visits a country you can guess which city or area they stayed in, Italy is much less predictable. In fact, it will probably leave you pretty confused and overwhelmed – how can a country have that many incredible cities?


A strong cup of Italy…

For many of us, the smell of a strong espresso is just about the only thing that drags us out of bed on a morning. Whether you prefer your coffee bean in a strong shot, or as a creamy, milky cappuccino, it’s a morning ritual that has transcended the decades. I know that without my shot of Italy’s finest, I wouldn’t be ready for the day ahead.


The perfect pairing…

If you’re heading out for an Italian meal, you could be forgiven for placing your primary focus on the food. In our culture however, it’s just as important to get your drink right to accompany your meal – it’s a full package, and at LIVIN’Italy, we appreciate that it’s all part of the overall dining experience.


A taste, a glass or a bottle…

To some of us, a glass of smooth Italian red might be a great accompaniment to our meal, or something to relax with after a tough day at work, however here at LIVIN’italy, wine is far more than that; it’s a passion, our driving force, our way of life. It is part of our family, and ourselves…


‘Not Only Wine…’

It’s here! Our exciting new cocktail menu has arrived, delivering fresh, Italian tastes from across the beautiful Mediterranean. Whilst we might not be able to guarantee Italian sun for you to bask in whilst enjoy your drinks, we certainly will provide you with Leeds’ most authentic Italian feel…