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Aperitivo Hour

Your weeknight happy hour just got a bit of Italian flair! Complimentary small plates with Prosecco cocktails, delicious wines, craft beers and good times – it’s Aperitivo Hour!

The Concept – What is Aperitivo?

A staple of life and culture throughout Italy – and nowhere more so than in Milan – the Aperitivo capital of the world!

Bars and restaurants offer a pre-dinner drink (or two) with an accompanying and complimentary finger-food buffet to their patrons. Bruschetta, olives, nuts and other delights are shared in a friendly atmosphere ahead of an evening meal. It’s a time to catch up with friends and family – and perfect for impressing whilst keeping it casual as a first date venue!


Milan Expo 2015 – from the 1st of May to 31st October

I love to support our Italian heritage and share with you the amazing things happening in Italy so you can experience our beautiful country, or just know a little more about it!


It is no secret by now, I have a passion for good food, from our pizzas to salads, and this passion is just as strong in my motherland Milan, so strong that this year, it was chosen as the host to the biggest Universal Exhibition in the world EXPO, which in 2015 sees as protagonist our favourite subject “food” and the human impact on the planet related to it.


Fancy one of Grandma’s Sandwiches?

In August we have Leeds Fest coming to the area, for everyone to enjoy a full weekend of drinking, socialising and of course… Music.

But if Italy is where you like to enjoy some musical vibes, we recommend “Hydrogen Festival” set in the picturesque city or Padova, showcasing an amazing line up but our true favourite of all times, would be the old “Pistoia Blues” which year after year since the 80’s, never fails to impress, organized within the streets of Pistoia, Tuscany, it is a unique festival that has seen some of the best in the music scene throughout the years.


Where in Italy?

We all know the feeling of our friends coming home from holiday and boasting about the amazing sights they saw and experiences they had. Usually, when someone visits a country you can guess which city or area they stayed in, Italy is much less predictable. In fact, it will probably leave you pretty confused and overwhelmed – how can a country have that many incredible cities?