With summer just around the corner, I’m sure you’re  the same as me, dreaming of those warm weekends basking in the sun, sipping on a refreshing cocktail whilst snacking on a board of artisan Italian cheeses, cured meats or a fresh Italian mozzarella salad. Whether you’re looking to relive a summer in my homeland of Italy, or simply just want to enjoy the Leeds summer with your favourite cuisine, LIVIN’italy is here for you on the Leeds waterfront.

As with any cuisine, Italian summer foods serve an entirely different purpose to those enjoyed in winter. However, that doesn’t mean that mealtime loses any of its significance. As I’ve mentioned previously, ‘mama’s table’ plays a crucial role in everyday life back in my homeland; that doesn’t change in the summer, however it’s important to factor the season into what we eat, with different produce and raw ingredients being more favourable through the summer months.

Whilst in the winter, a piping hot lasagne or a similarly heavy pasta based dish is perfect for filling you in a homely and ‘warm’ manner, the summer sun doesn’t leave us in need of such hearty warmth. As it gets close to the summer months, food takes on a different feel altogether. Imagine that perfect summer scene, basking in the radiating heat – be it in the rustic countryside enjoying the finest bites of cured meats or on the waterfront as waves lap close by as you enjoy a light fillet of sea bass. Seafood is revered throughout Italy as an ideal summer food, when something lighter and fresher is preferable; it’s a simple and effective way of cooking, which in no way demeans the ‘ideal’ of a family meal.

At LIVIN’italy, it’s a passion to provide that authentic feel of my homeland, it’s important to show the city of Leeds just how relaxing an Italian summer can be. It’s not just about food though– sometimes there’s no better way to unwind than to sit outside and sip on something cool and refreshing. Italian wines, and especially cocktails are prefect year-round. However, in summer when the temperature rises and the warmth starts to get exhausting, they’re the perfect remedy. Refreshing and invigorating, there’s nothing more refreshing than an Italian mix, whether it’s a hard-hitting classic Negroni or an ever so popular Aperol Spritz. It’s the perfect Aperitivo hour treat, so ensure you make the most of the spells of sunshine that grace the Leeds sky over the coming months…you know where we are.