In August we have Leeds Fest coming to the area, for everyone to enjoy a full weekend of drinking, socialising and of course… Music.

But if Italy is where you like to enjoy some musical vibes, we recommend “Hydrogen Festival” set in the picturesque city or Padova, showcasing an amazing line up but our true favourite of all times, would be the old “Pistoia Blues” which year after year since the 80’s, never fails to impress, organized within the streets of Pistoia, Tuscany, it is a unique festival that has seen some of the best in the music scene throughout the years.

As we tend to do though, we inevitably revert back to food and a little secret we would like to share with you this time, is the “Sagra del Panino della Nonna” in Giovinazzo, Puglia, which translates to… The Festival of Grandmother’s Sandwich.

In 1996 some outlandish teenage Italians created this festival as a bit of a joke as they were worried that “nobody makes sandwiches like Grandma does” and due of the readiness of fast food nobody really cared.

However 19 years later it’s still going strong and still run by the same outlandish Italians, however they are now in their thirties and have their own children. The reasoning behind its success is that it’s affordable, fresh and yummy!

An army of sandwich making volunteers who cut, fill and serve the sandwiches in regimented order at break neck speed make sure the festival passes without a hitch.

11,000 fresh bread rolls are filled with tomato, omelette, tuna, cottage cheese, aubergine, artichokes, parmesan, peppers and onions…..

All of course served with wonderful wine!  There’s no stale bread or floppy lettuce in sight, only the best local Italian ingredients are used.

When the festival was first created only a few hundred sandwiches were made however the festival is now well renowned across Italy with thousands of Italians in attendance.

After the foods all been eaten and the tables cleared away the square fills as the live bands begin to play. Children sleep and couples dance until the early hours, all satisfied with how full their bellies are and how lovely their night has been.

Any profits made are divided up and split between charities to help young people living in Italy. This festival helps those in need, not only does it support charities but it also provides a cheap and healthy meal for all those in attendance.

The recipes used throughout the night are shared with the attendees, so they can then mimic these cheap and healthy meals in their own home.