If you’re heading out for an Italian meal, you could be forgiven for placing your primary focus on the food. In our culture however, it’s just as important to get your drink right to accompany your meal – it’s a full package, and at LIVIN’Italy, we appreciate that it’s all part of the overall dining experience.

Whilst it’s true that Italy was not the country to ‘invent’ wine, if you scour our history, it’s something we’re truly passionate about as a nation. Whilst it’s undeniable that wine is an important aspect of a meal; it’s also a true part of everyday life. Alongside food, wine is a true passion, especially when it’s enjoying the final home grown product, or advising you, our valued guests what to pair with your favourite Italian recipes.

Whilst many amongst us aren’t the wine connoisseurs that we could be, pairing food with the correct wine is an important aspect of our cuisine. Complimentary flavours really accentuate tastes in a cuisine, and whilst it’s always tempting to pick your favourite bottle no matter what you’re eating, it’s worth experimenting and taking the guidance of an expert. Just looking at some Italian classics, with a recipe such as lasagne, why not give a bright, crisp fruity red a try, to play off the tomatoes in the lasagne. If you’re a fan of a white and Sauvignon Blanc is your tipple of choice, pairing it with a spring risotto, or something with ricotta truly allows the crisp acidity of the drink to compliment your dish.

We’ve been breathing and living wine for quite some time now, so if you’re not a master when it comes to identifying the discreet notes of an Italian grape, we’ll be on hand to advise. As we mentioned, getting the full dining and drink package just right is the Italian way, and that’s why we go above and beyond in the name of wine, offering you our very own LIVIN’Italy brand wine, including a shiraz from Sicily and sauvignon blanc from Veneto, both of which are sourced from small producers who insist on continuing to make wines in accordance to the old rules of nature. If you can’t don’t fret if you don’t know which blanc or cabernet to pair with your authentic pizza, it’s part of our culture and is our passion, so we’ll be here to make sure you get it right every time.