Cooking is our passion, and we love nothing more than wowing our diners with everyday Italian classics, prepared in the most authentic and tastiest ways. We realise that you can’t eat out at a restaurant every night, so even though we might not be able to enjoy your company tonight, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for subpar food at home…

Our deli, located inside our waterfront home on Granary Wharf is a one-stop-shop for all things simple and Italian. To us, there isn’t much that says traditional rural Italy like authentic, distinctive meats and cheeses. Italian cooking isn’t about over complicating things, so from time to time, it’s important to showcase how the very best, tastiest and freshest ingredients are perfect in their simplest form.

Offering the best cured meats, cheeses, olives, artisan breads, authentic sauces and authentic take away pizza our deli pays homage to the simplicity of Italian life, and our dedication to providing the tastiest produce really shows through in our specially selected items. Perfect for escaping the winter of Leeds, our hams, sausages, and Italian cheeses make for the perfect antipasti, igniting memories of an Italian road trip through the countryside, basking in the warmth before stopping off and sampling the best and freshest local farm produce.

When you’re enjoying a visit to our restaurant, you’d never leave without indulging in the full experience of our homeland, so that shouldn’t be any different when you’re grabbing a takeaway from our deli. Call in and make up a starter of perfect antipasti ingredients, select your favourite classic Italian main as a ready meal for home, or indulge in one of our crispy stone baked pizzas before truly spoiling yourself when it comes to desert. Whether you want the traditionally strong coffee laced Tiramisu, or another of our sweet treats like cheese or choco cake, make sure you’re well stocked up for a hearty takeaway feast.

That’s the food sorted, but you can’t exactly enjoy an authentic Italian home feast without some of our finest drinks offerings. Whether you’re a fan of a full bodied red, crisp white or a tastily brewed craft beer, our deli can cater for your drink requirements too, to add the finishing touch to that restaurant quality meal at home.

Whatever you’re wanting to quickly call in to pick up, be it a hearty slice of authentic Lasagna, or an indulgent treat the likes of which you’d expect to pick up in an Italian pasticceria, we want you to feel like you have an authentic feel of Milan right here on your doorstep. If you fancy a bit more Italian in your life tonight, pay us a visit; our treats are all made with hands, love and tradition, and if it’s from the deli, they’re yours to take away.