To some of us, a glass of smooth Italian red might be a great accompaniment to our meal, or something to relax with after a tough day at work, however here at LIVIN’italy, wine is far more than that; it’s a passion, our driving force, our way of life. It is part of our family, and ourselves…

As a member of the Italian Wine Sommelier Association and through working in partnership with the Yorkshire Wine School, we acknowledge that only the very best is acceptable to us. Our in-house experts personally select all wines that feature in our vast selection, and we also import a number of wines, including our very own labels, directly knowing the growers personally along with relentlessly tasting new wines in search for improvements to our menu.

For the people of Italy, wine is culture. Each Italian region has its own typical wine and it depends on the area you are in, as to how the wine is developed and enjoyed. If you’re heading for an Italian meal, and want to indulge in the full culture of our nation, it’s important to remember that the dining table is bare without a bottle. So whether you’re in search of a fruity red or something with a soft and gentle bouquet, with over 80 different labels from all over Italy, we’re sure you’ll find something that’s to your taste.

However you like to enjoy your glass of Italy’s finest, we’re happy to help you through your journey of wine discovery. If you’re heading in for a meal with us, we’ll be happy to advise you on the perfect bottle to accompany your meal; after all, it’s in our culture. Likewise, if you’re just looking to enjoy a taste of a finer offering, our in-bar wine dispenser is the ideal solution, allowing you to enjoy a much better choice of wines to try before you make your pick, also allowing you to sample great quality wines you wouldn’t normally get the chance to have by the glass, all preserved at their very best under modified atmosphere.

If you’re in a rush to get home, but want a bottle to savour from the comfort of your own living room, we also offer an extensive retail selection, meaning for a cut-price, you can enjoy any of our bottles from the warmth of your living room and because we trust that ‘tasting is believing’ and thanks to our innovative wine dispenser, you can now taste your wine before you take it home!

To us, it’s not just a drink or an Italian meal; we treat your visit to see us as an Italian cultural experience, meaning we’ll give you every opportunity to enjoy the best in Italian food, wine, coffee, music and art. If it was up to us, we’d all ‘live life more Italian’ every day of the week!