Here at LIVIN’Italy with everything we do, we always ensure that it’s firmly rooted in Italian culture. Whether that’s from our rustic décor, influx of imported Mediterranean wines, or the way we aim to give you the full Italian dining experience.


When it comes to eating in Italy, the dining table is more than just a spot for people to sit and eat; in Italian dining, life simply revolves around the table. Starting with breakfast, the main family events of the day occur at the table, all the way through until supper. With something as simple as an evening meal becoming a social gathering, or an opportunity to enjoy quality time with the family, it’s no surprise we value the importance of the dining areas in our restaurant. When you head in to see us, that’s exactly what we look to provide, we don’t simply see your time with us as an opportunity for you to eat; it’s a time to enjoy company, relax, and as a bonus, enjoy great authentic Italian cooking.

Back in Italy, ‘mamma’ doesn’t take the decision of what to cook for tea lightly. As should be the case with such an important daily event, a lot of thought goes into what meal family and friends will enjoy. Factors such as the weather, the regional and seasonal produce, along with importantly, what you’ve eaten previously in the week are all taken into account. On a warm summers day, something light and in season, such as authentic bruschetta topped with seasonal Italian vegetables ticks all the boxes, classically Italian and exactly what you’d love to enjoy in the warmth of the Mediterranean summer, in the surroundings of Italian countryside. Likewise, if you’re looking to enjoy a feel of Italian coastal life in your food, fried calamari plucked from the ocean, prawns on a bed of fresh salad and platters of the freshest seafood are all summer favourites, so if you’re looking to inject some of the motherland’s summer heat into your Leeds winter, we’re here to help.

Fresh produce is key to Italian cooking, and we replicate that precisely in our kitchen. Whilst taste is always essential, we love to ensure everything we provide is wholesome and healthy, especially when it comes to local produce. The values of ‘mamma’s’ dinner table stay strong with all Italians, and that’s why we love to share the social experience with you, our valued guests.

At our LIVIN’Italy, we aim to provide what our name suggests, an opportunity to gain the experience of Italian living, through sharing all the aspects we love from our homeland.


Image used under CC licence via Pixabay