The family business started in Milan, in the ‘80s – by our parents and their true passion, passed on through generations… Our values go beyond good business practice, it’s our lifestyle, an honest representation of Italian living! Our Leeds Bar, Italian Restaurant & Deli, is like a home to us, designed to take you on a journey that we ourselves have loved and enjoyed growing up in Italy, to create the perfect environment for this pleasure is our aim.

As boutique providers of Italian Living, you can share in our first-hand experience, inspiring you to Live Life More Italian every day… This is our passion.

live life more italian

The Italian Way

We Italians are warm, welcoming people who love to relax, eat, drink, celebrate and socialise with family and friends. We love nothing more than sharing our “gioia di vivere” (joy of life) with those around us.

To us, honesty is never complicated, never formal, too clever or cliché – we like things stripped down to the things that matter. We like to demystify food, make it something to enjoy as a delicious adventure, a trip into a world of Italian heritage that holds excitement and simple pleasures you can share too.

We hold on to the values that made us, sharing with you, our honest and personal experience of how to truly eat Italian, drink Italian, live Italian.