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We Love Food & Wine

Our driving force, our way of life

LIVIN’Italy Dough House is a vibrant hang out, where to enjoy both new and classic Italian recipes, share unique flavours and experience that Italian atmosphere that is a true reflection of the street markets and kitchen tables of our childhoods. Whether it’s our sensual cocktails, healthy but tasty pizza, game-changing gelato, or regional street-food nibbles, prepare for next-level brilliance! This is no ordinary pizzeria.

In Italy eating and drinking is always better when done with family and friends. That’s why we make our pizzas a colossal 20” in size for sharing (also available by the slice)! Hey, sometimes size does matter! Or enjoy a selection of smaller dishes to share, made by the hands of genuine craftsmen, from fresh ingredients sourced both locally and direct from Italy. Sit, eat, laugh and while away the hours in great company, the true Italian way… And never let anyone say tasty can’t be healthy.

Food Menu

Where flour and dough become art! We’ve scaled the heights in our quest for pizza perfection. Combining healthiness with unrivalled flavour you can’t experience anywhere else, we offer three special dough types, Tradizionale with organic spelt, Integrale dough, and Gluten Free; all crafted in partnership with our partners Molino Quaglia, a family with a century of milling experience. Using traditional methods, and only unrefined, ancient grain flours our dough is gloriously low on bad carbs, but packed with flavour, fibre, vitamins and minerals!

Savour traditional antipasti, served with crispy Sardinian breads, delicious sourdough bruschetta, slow proofed homemade focaccia, plenty of vegan and veggie options, and of course … our famous gourmet 20” pizza! For us a pizza is not just a pizza ... it’s home. Whatever your fancy, from field to fork, every ingredient, sourced both locally and from our homeland, comes with a story of passion, intuition, and ability... Tasting is believing!

Gelato Menu

If you’ve tasted real artisan gelato you’ll know this is the real deal. Served from a traditional gelato cart, hand crafted the time-honoured way by our amazing partner Ariela, our gelato is made using only the most natural, preservative-free healthy ingredients, all carefully chosen … from the Sicilian pistachios, hazelnuts from Piedmont, real 100% cocoa, to the fresh fruit packing our sorbets (up to 40% fruit). Every flavour is a true representation of Italy … every tub with its own unique hand-made look.

Unlike ice-cream, our gelato, with less sugar and up to six times less fat, is made using only the highest quality fresh milk and hand-picked, healthy ingredients, then churned super slow while being frozen to produce a wonderful thick, silky and flavour-packed density … Guaranteed to satisfy every palate while going easy on the waist line!

Cocktails Menu

A celebration of the Italian spirit - a place for laughter, to fall in love, and Live Life More Italian! Open till late, Dough House is famed for its world class cocktails! Choose from almost fifty daring multi-sensory recipes, from classics with an Italian twist, established Italian favourites, amaro … where the bitter sweet adventure begins … to the taste-it-to-believe-it polibibita futurista, inspired by Futurist mixology of the 1930s!

If you’re in the mood for something less boozy, take your pick from a broad selection of stunning non-alcoholic tipples! There’s something for every taste, every occasion…


In Italy we love a good wine or beer with our food. Maybe I’m biased but Italian drinks are a match for any in the world. A glass of Montepulciano with a well-made pizza … Perfection!

You’ll find our passion for culinary perfection burns just as bright in our drinks menu: imported Italian craft beers, an exciting range of soft drinks, tempting shakes and smoothies (which can be booze-charged on request), super fresh juices and of course last but not least our very own label wines! We work in partnership with some truly amazing small wine makers, family run importers from Italy… If it’s got our label, you know it’s special!

So sit back, relax, and quench your thirst with us! Salute

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