Despite being very excited to be able to welcome you back, the safety of our employees and guests is paramount to us, so to make sure our venue is COVID secure a number of measures have been put in place, all of which are outlined here under. We would like to reassure you also, that our guidelines are followed with diligence.All our guidelines have been developed following government advice and we will continue to work alongside industry bodies and our independent health & safety consultants to make sure our working practices are constantly in line with government guidelines.

What has changed

Our Staff

• Staff Temperature checks are carried out at the start of each shift and recorded. If anomalies are found, staff will be denied access to the venue and asked to isolate with immediate effect. Testing as well as track and trace system will be implemented if found to be COVID positive.

• All staff are advised to isolate for 14 days if they have any Covid symptoms.⁃ Staff will be working in fixed teams and have been advised on how best to travel to and from work. Home location in relation to place of work has been taken into account when bringing staff members back into work.

• Working from home has been facilitated when possible.⁃ Our team have been trained in how often and how long to wash their hands for.

• The government guidelines have advised that PPE is not a requirement for staff or guests. Should staff or guests choose to wear PPE they are at liberty to do so.

• All waiter stations are furnished with sanitising gel and wipes, for use on hands if handling cash and to wipe card payment machines after each use where contactless isn’t possible.

• For larger tables, our staff is instructed to ask guests to confirm all guests attending are from a maximum of two households.

• When taking orders, our staff has been trained to maintain at least 1mt+ social distancing.

• When your waiter is physically serving you food and drinks social distancing will of course be lessened however, this will be only momentary and will pose a lower risk.

• For NHS Track and Trace purposes we will record Staff patterns and attendances.

Our Venue

• Risk assessments have been carried out by an independent health and safety body to demonstrate that we have identified Covid 19 hazards and have implemented measures to address them.

• Very regular and enhanced cleaning will take place throughout the venue, on all high touch surfaces including door handles, chairs, toilet areas etc.

• Extra sani-stations are located at main entrance and before entering toilets, for guests to use when entering the venue and throughout their stay.⁃ Our opening times have changed and are now reduced to allow for training, cleaning and working in reduced fixed teams.

• We may be able to accommodate guests who wish to visit for drinks and do not wish to dine, they will be required to be seated at a table and table service only will be in place. Please enquire about availability when booking if possible.

• Guests entering the venue will be asked for their details (name/surname/email/mobile number of at least 1 contact per household) for the purpose of facilitating the NHS track & trace system in case it becomes a necessity. This applies to drinking only guests also.

• Walk-ins may be allowed if we can safely accommodate but are subject to being turned away.

• The restaurant layout has been revised and tables removed to allow for 1m+ social distancing measures.

• Where applicable, a one-way system has been applied. This will be indicated by floor markings and guests will be made aware upon entry. The team will follow this one-way system with extra walkways available to the team only.

• There will be no service at the bar or at the reception. All orders will be taken at the table along with payment.

• All menus on site are either single use/disposable or managed on a rotation system that isolates menus after each use, long enough for sanitising and for any potential virus to disappear before they are used again.

• Please be aware that LIVIN’Italy reserves the right to cancel bookings and alter the restaurant opening days and times. These are unprecedented times and we’re trying our best to reopen the restaurant with the view to eventually resuming our usual opening times. In the meantime, the opening times are subject to change and cancellation. We will endeavour to inform guests of any changes as soon possible.

• There will be no provision for coats, bags, luggage or any belongings to be kept in the cloakroom. All items must be kept with each guest.

• Our toilets will be regularly sanitised, recorded and displayed. One guest should enter our toilets at anyone time. Guests will be indicated to queue using social distancing.

What we ask of you (our guest)

• Please ensure you are adhering to the government guidelines and are not mixing more than two households within your booking.

• We ask that where possible guests pre book their table.

• All guests must sanitise upon entry to the restaurant.

• Guests may also use PPE if they choose to do so, in which case, they might be asked to remove facemasks for identification purposes.

• Please ensure you leave your table at the pre-requested time to ensure there is no overcrowding or congestion in the restaurant.

• We kindly ask that the only reason guests leave their allocated table is to use the toilet or for entry/exit purposes.

• Our preferred method of payment is via Mobile pay such as Apple Pay, contactless is possible up to £45 or chip and pin. Cash tips are welcomed for your waiter should you choose to leave them and they will be sanitized before being distributed.

• During this difficult times, viability will be vital for any restaurant, if you are thinking of cancelling your reservation, please notify us as soon as possible.

• The use of public transport is discouraged if possible. If public transport is used a face covering must be worn.

• We kindly request that guests refrain from leaving the building to smoke during their visit. This is to avoid congestion at the entry/exit points.

We can’t wait to see your face again!

Whilst your experience will seem a little different from normal, please rest assured that the measures we have put into place are to protect the health and wellbeing of our team and you, our guests.We are confident we will still be able to provide a “Live Life More Italian” experience and go back to doing what we do best, sharing our passions with you… Safely!