There is no easy way to say it, so here I announce “Dough House” on Cloth Hall Street (Corn Exchange) has sadly & suddenly found itself without a home and won’t be opening back as planned on the 17th of May.

Only 2 years on, the last of which was obviously troubled, we find ourselves forced to permanently close our sister venue after having lost the premises to our landlord.

It has been a great ride and a hugely successful one too, which adds to the frustration of having to part with a venue that gave us so much satisfaction pretty much from the day we opened its doors in 2019.

It was a brand new concept, put together based on our strengths and experience, never seen or tested before and as always, we all thrived as a team on the thrill of pioneering something new, exciting and 100% Italian! It has been an honour to have been able to share this journey with you. You supported us from the get go, all the way to the very end, by flooding our booking system with requests just a few weeks back… for that, I will be forever grateful!

I am so grateful for its success and your overwhelming support, I wish I could tell you we found a way forward, or relocated elsewhere but the reality is that the current economics affecting the hospitality industry have done a number on us Indie Restaurants, one we could certainly not anticipate and caused irreversible damage for no fault of our own.

But as someone once said:
“If you want a happy ending that depends, of course, on where you stop your story...”


Happy to say LIVIN’Italy Granary Wharf will take it from here!

It is therefore with a hint of excitement that I can tell you we will be focusing on our new project “TWICE BAKED PIZZA at home” & once again on keeping LIVIN’Italy - Granary Wharf in tip top condition, introducing fresh and new ideas and why not, a little Dough House to our food menus & Cocktails too!

Ultimately we consider ourselves extremely lucky to this date, to have managed to offer a position to all of our Dough House remaining staff, leaving no one behind and still be able to count on such an amazing following and fall back on what is a solid base, one that never ceases to surprise us by smashing our expectations every time. Even today after nearly a decade, our little venue on the Leeds Riviera which you seem to love so much, is looking the best it has ever looked and with now a truly amazing team behind it, I am confident we’ll be able to make yet again, another step forward in the right direction.

Please rest assured we will get in touch with all of you that had reserved a table at Dough House to give you as many options as are available to us at Granary Wharf and if you purchased a voucher, please do let us know by contacting [email protected] as we will be able honour them by moving those across to Granary Wharf too!

Expect the very best of “Live Life More Italian” coming next to the Leeds Riviera.