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LIVIN'Italy True Italian Adventures - the name says it all! We are Italian, we are very passionate about life, passionate about our country but most importantly; we are locals and we are experts in Italian Travel. True Italian Adventures is a concierge service, we aim to share our passion & local knowledge to the world and to create exclusively tailor-made holidays to Italy. When we say "exclusively tailor-made", we mean that there are no "standard" pre-made packages, each request is handled individually & each holiday is specifically made to suit the budget & requirements of each customer. We strive to provide fantastic Italian holidays with a very personal approach and intimate touch. This is what makes us stand out!

How It works

True Italian Adventures, Your Private Concierge

Italy is one of the World's most beautiful places with so much to offer; perfect climate, breathtaking sceneries, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, mountains, active volcanos, gastronomic delights, famous wine, magnificent cities, shopping heaven and much much more... Let us organise a True Italian Adventure for you using our extensive local knowledge and connections on the ground.

Whatever your interests are or your hobbies may be, whether you like relaxation or adventure, history, culture or exploring, sea or mountains, we have something for you, an explosion of ideas to give you your perfect holiday experience!


How It works

Share in our local knowledge and experience

We can accommodate any request, because we are locals, and being locals goes a long way in Italy! The saying "it's not what you know but who you know" applies more in Italy than anywhere else! Our friends and family over there will take good care of you!
Being Italians ourselves means that we have grown up in Italy, we have walked all the paths and have learned all the secrets of our beautiful country. This is what makes us stand out from the standard High Street travel agencies, we offer a very intimate & personal service, concentrating on every detail you request. We genuinely aim at providing the best tailor-made holiday experiences avoiding tourist traps & beaten tracks!


How It works

A Gourmet Experience You'll never forget

Isn't it great to know a local to recommend the best eateries, well we are here for you! Discover for yourself how food truly reflects our cultural heritage, our history and family traditions! The finest fresh ingredients, straight from the fields, trees and sea… A melting pot of flavours that will blow your mind!
Italian food is the most popular & well-known cuisine in the World and Italian wine is the most varied & talked about. Italians genuinely have a passion for food and the country is considered the perfect environment for delicious wine production. Food & wine truly have an essential part in the country's identity and culture, so for all those food & wine lovers out there, Italy is the perfect place for you! Discover new flavours, eat like a local, learn how to cook traditional recipes, enjoy food & wine tastings, learn about cultivation, come close to traditions, feel part of Italy and let Italy be part of you! This is what True Italian Adventures is all about...


How It works

Accommodation, Activities & Transfers - relax, we'll take care of it

True Italian Adventures is the solution for any type of trip; whether its for: a romantic getaway, a family treat, a honeymoon, for young adults or the more elderly, maybe for school trips, for corporate events or even team building activities, birthday celebrations, anniversaries. Perhaps a marriage proposal, stag & hen dos, groups or individuals, we will make any occasion special!




Sicily, the largest and most magical island in the Mediterranean, will enchant you with its beauty, history, and gastronomic delights. One visit is all it takes to begin a life-long love affair. Only through LIVIN’Italy – with our intimate knowledge of Sicily, our friends “on the ground” – will you find beaches, culture, gastronomy, experiences with such a friendly local touch. If you’ve never been, what are you waiting for? If you’ve visited before, start planning your return!Where to stay in Sicily, what to do in Sicily and what is the weather like in Sicily?- We have all the answers for the best possible experience.


Truffle hunting
in piedmont

The golden autumn glow, the smell of crackling fires and the gentle sound of leaves rustling in the breeze… Piedmont, in the striking foothills of the Alps, home to multiple UNESCO world heritage sites, is one of our favourite places as we say goodbye to summer and hello to truffle season! A perfect getaway for couples, groups of friends or families wanting to treat themselves for a few days


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discover the ancient
city of rome

The eternal city experienced like never before. Taking what you know about Rome and recreating it. True Italian Adventures is now launching our Rome adventure offering the chance to see Rome in a new light. From the best gastronomic experiences of pasta and pizza making to seeing the architecture in its most raw and inspiring natural state, wine tasting, personal shopping and much more. Seeing these sights through the eyes of a local. See unexplored streets, leave no cobble unturned, you will return home having experienced a new side of Rome.

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Let us create some unforgettable memories for you. If you would like us to tailor make an experience for you, please get in touch. Don't sit there dreaming about it, contact LIVIN'Italy today and make it happen!