A Walk Through Italian History- A Roman Adventure

Walking down cobbled streets drenched in history, there is not a stone, a brick or a path in Rome that isn't filled with stories. If walls could talk, Rome would have plenty to say, probably best enjoyed over plenty of Cicchetti and a glass of wine. From the vibrant and awe-inspiring architecture or the pantheon to the modern and innovative gastronomic scene, Rome is home to incredible shopping, nightlife, tasty gastronomic delights and cultural importance.

In the morning you can get your fill of the traditional Italian culture while taking in the art of the Vatican museum or the Sistine Chapel. In the afternoon you can brush shoulders with the Hollywood elite in the Piazza di Spagna then dine with the locals in the evening by the Spanish steps. Get lost in Rome and find your true Italian spirit.

Our mantra is to Live Life More Italian and nowhere is this more spirited than in Rome! On the other hand, a city with this much to see and do, the huge variety of choice, the many attractions, the different areas of the city and so on, can seem daunting and worrying - but don't worry, that why we are here, to take care of everything, to show you Rome through the eyes of a local, to help you experience the Eternal City at its best with a friendly expert hand.  Rome awaits you. . .

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    You are free to organise flights that best suit your schedule, your budget and your needs. We are here to offer support and advice to ensure the smooth running of your experience while leaving you independent to make your own flight arrangements.
  • Flights
    You are free to organise flights that best suit your schedule and your needs. We are here to offer help and advice to ensure the smooth running of your experience while leaving you independent to organise your flight.
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    We specialise in experiences, whether you prefer to spend your time meandering through ancient ruins & recharging in cafe bars, shopping, visiting museums, learning about the culture & heritage or maybe discovering the tantalising gastronomy of the city. We can organize an infinitive amount of experiences that will match your desires! Tell us what you like doing and we'll sort the rest!

Culinary Awakening- Italian Style

From the city lights to the rolling hills, food unites all Romans. What does it mean to be Roman? A deep understanding of how food gives life to the land and the people. You will have the chance to see food as a spiritual thing.

When experiencing a True Italian Adventure in Rome, you will see the Roman countryside surrounded by rural landscapes of vineyards and olive groves. You will have the opportunity to visit a real traditional Italian farmhouse, where you will have the chance to taste local products, wine, olive oil, cheese, salami, bread, pizza in a typical rural environment of central Italy. You can also take a walk through Rome's charming "Piazza's" at twilight on the search for the best flavours in town. With an expert foodie as your tour guide, you will sample plenty of Italy’s fine delicacies. Roman discovery through food. . . A fantasy all should experience.


Experience Rome Like Never Before

By night, illuminated by the lights of the fountains, the bars and the type of Joie de Vivre that only the Italians can bring, feelings of excitement and euphoria evoked by the sights and smells are like nothing you could ever imagine.

Feel the typical balmy nights of Rome as you discover the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain; St. Peter’s Basilica and River Tiber with it's many old bridges. Reach the top of Capitoline Hill for a breath-taking view of the illuminated Roman Forum with its antiquities and stop by the imposing Colosseum. By daybreak, you can see the footprint left behind by ancient Romans, walk the very streets walked by the ancient world's most prominent scholars, mathematicians, philosophers and thinkers of yester year. If the deep existential thinking becomes too much, why not have a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta, slowing things down like the modern day Romans!

Sights That Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Don't worry about the long lines, thanks to our unique partnerships, seeing Rome through the eyes of a local has never been easier or more efficient. From the famous Laocoon, the Apollo Belvedere to the Gallery of the Tapestries, all the way to the Sistine Chapel where you will finally admire Michelangelo’s amazing frescoes. Skip the queues at St. Peter’s Basilica. From the Sistine Chapel, you will go directly into the St.Peter’s Basilica by using a special route. Rome offers more sights to behold than you can possibly imagine, enjoy a panaromic tour of the city and discover for yourself what Rome hides from the average tourist. Discover the baroque beauties of the Eternal City. Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain, Visit the Pantheon and admire the incredible Navona Square. Enjoy one of the best panoramic viewpoints from the Janiculum Terrace. Sounds almost like hard work right? Packing in all that culture?- Don’t worry, that's why it pays to know a local, then finish off the day with a spritz, feeling satisfied about how much you have packed into your trip.


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