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Skiing In The Valle d'Aosta

Under the watchful eye of the majestic Matterhorn, the historic Gran San Bernard, the captivating Monte Rosa and the infamous Mount Blanc, the Valle d'Aosta is in the worlds most stunning location. Nestled between the French and Swiss borders, its where the culture of all three countries meet to create an eclectic and vibrant atmosphere. The snow and delicious red wine flow freely in the valley, offering the perfect marriage of culture and world-class winter sports.

Let us set the scene; imagine early mornings, first lift after a night of snowfall, the sun is emerging from behind the mountains bringing light and life to the peaks, illuminating the raw and unencumbered nature to reveal the most jaw-dropping natural beauty. Imagine a morning of skiing with gold-standard instructors who show you a new side to the mountain, no matter your level. Only then to finally sit down to lunch at a charming trattoria on the hill, serving the valley's signature polenta con salsiccia. Come the afternoon, legs tired, smiles wide, you sit in front of a roaring, crackling fire at the cosiest hotel and enjoy a "bombardino" a dangerously delicious hot drink of brandy, eggnog, coffee and Panna. Have we got your attention?

Imagine having the chance to explore some of the Alps most stunning resorts such as Courmayeur, Cervinia and Gressoney but also visiting local and secret favourites such as Pila, Chamoluc and more! The Valle d'Aosta is unmissable for more than just the skiing, but the deep adoration for their local heritage and tradition is something that makes this valley unique. Hear stories of local legends of the mountains, trailblazers both mythical and legendary paired with the food and wines of the region, without even mentioning the views, the Valle d'Aosta is waiting for you. . . .

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Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh

There are few things in the world that provide the solitude, tranquillity, pure unadulterated happiness that skiing provides. When you add in the possibility of skiing in a valley that is nestled between 4 of Europes 5 great peaks, you have all the factors of a visually stunning holiday. From the wide-open slopes of Pila, the challenging runs of Cervinia, the powder in Courmayeur and the magic of Champoluc and Gressoney; The Aosta valley offers an experience for every type of skier.

Are you an apres-ski bunny? A lover of the off-piste? A connoisseur of food and wine? Or a beginner? No matter your level or interest, the Aosta valley is the perfect location for every type of rider.

No matter what your priorities we will ensure the most magical winter getaway, set roaring fires, sensational views, glistening snow and friendly locals. Bring your cosy jumper and your ski boots (or not, we can help with that too), and we will see you on the slopes.

Skiing In The Valle d'Aosta
Cervinia- Skiing in the Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley Mountains & Slopes

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy”. Giuseppe Verdi. What a perfect quote to summarise the unique and inspiring feelings one gets when you visit Italy. From Rome to Florence, from Naples to Turin and Milan, from sea to mountains, Italy is something else. For a lot of the British public in particular, when you think of a classic ski holiday, we automatically think of France or Austria but there are those among us Brits who know about the secrets nestled in the Aosta Valley.

The Aosta valley is open from November until very late season, slopes remaining skiable until May in some resorts. Cervinia is even home to glacial skiing in the Summer, and the chosen spot for the British ski team to train as the slopes are still glorious. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier or border or indeed in you like to off-piste, spend time in the spark or take it easy, the Aosta Valley is the ideal spot. You can also hope between resorts easily and experience different sides, one-day on the Swiss border and the next day on the french!

The Aosta Valley

The Italians are famous for their belief that you should live to eat rather than eat to live and one should embrace this mentality when visiting Cervinia. By December, all the best bars and restaurants are open ready to serve up culinary delights to both locals and tourists alike.

Unlike much of Italy, pasta is not the staple food in this region. The mountains and harsh winters result in the hearty cuisine of the Aosta Valley; filling starches and rich dairy products. Local dishes include warming soups, polenta, black bread, gnocchi, rice and potatoes, risotto, cheeses and salami. Fontina is probably the most famous cheese of the region, an indulgent cheese, to say the least, made from cow's milk from a single milking. This cheese is also used for fondue or as a sauce for the typical Aosta Valley polenta.

The exceptional white wines of the area to try: The Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle from vineyards planted at the foot of the Mont Blanc at 1000 meters of altitude. The cultivation area extends, as the name indicates, to the municipalities of Morgex and La Salle. The Blanc is produced by La Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex and La Salle, a winery founded by a group of about 100 local producers. Usually, after dinner, the locals present you with an old, sacred and much-revered digestive: the Cup of Friendship - made from a magnificently carved wooden chalice, where they serve the typical Aosta Valley coffee, mixed with brandy and génépy.

Fondue- Skiing in the Aosta Valley
Apres ski- Skiing in the Aosta Valley

The Atmosphere Of The Valley

The atmosphere of the Aosta valley can certainly compete with that of the likes of St Anton, Val D'Isere and the like. We may not have apres-ski like that of the famous bars in those resorts, but the valley is friendly, warm, embracing, full of culture and excellent wine. In Cervinia, dancing on the tables in ski boots is certainly on the menu but if you happen to find taking it easy to be more your speed, why not ease your aching ski muscles with a glass of local wine in front of a cosy fire.

What the ski towns in the Aosta valley also offer is oodles of riveting history, old chocolate box, postcard-perfect chalets, captivating village centres and more quintessential Italian "je ne sais quoi" than we care to mention.

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